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4D and collaborations


I jailbroke (hacked) an Iphone to play a slideshow of all the known fake Facebookaccounts in my friend’s list. I also used plastic and wood to create the base and iphone case.

Jack’s Vision

I striped and crocheted a rice sack helmet cover for Chido Johnson’s performance piece in Mutare, Zimbabwe

still of Facebook

A still shot from my video using opensource web graph programing. It starts as a single dot and multiples out to many only to collapse again. The video represents organic connections through Facebook.


A still from my video using heavily edited audio in youtube clips. I removed all other words besides power and intelligence. The result is a sympony of these two words while videos slowly run there course. One by one they stop until they all disappear.

Job 5:17

An installation to help combat ruin porn. Art objects were placed at popular "tourist attractions” preventing outsiders from selling images of Detroit blight. Cotton thred & steel.


My contribution to a permanent installation, alley clean up and graffiti park. The goal of the Alley Project was to create a safe place for children to walk to school. Art and clean ups were used as a catalyst.

Belle Isle Legacy

An installation and clean up project for Belle Isle Island. I placed over a hundred crocheted rocks along the banks of a bridge after I removed all the trash. Most of them were taken duringthe installation period.

Scripps Park QR

An installation and clean up project for a Detroit Park. We were asked to make work about the Park’s past and present. If you scan the QR it leads to a hybrid google maps image of the past and present.